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Friday, April 8, 2016

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Now that the kids have their own little thoughts and ideas, conversations are getting pretty freaking hilarious. I am laughing non-stop about their stories, facial expressions, excitement about life, and questions about life. I wanted to write down some of these conversations so I could have a record of them.

Every night I put them to bed by singing our usual songs: "Jesus Loves Me", "Twinkle, Twinkle", "A Bushel and Peck" (We call it the I Love You Song), and Mommy-created songs that are referred to as Max's Song and Harpy's Song.

After singing in my beautiful and on-key voice, I usually pray with them and we talk about what we are going to dream about. On one particular night, Harper insisted that I dream about Grampa. This prompted a deep discussion on Heaven (as you know my dad passed away in June).

Max: Grampa lives in Heaven with God and Jesus. We will never see him again.
Me: We will see him again. When we go to Heaven.
Max: I don't want to go to Heaven. I want to stay here with you.
Me: We only go to Heaven when God and Jesus need us to.
Max: Can Grampa come back to us?
Me: No, honey.
Max: Well, I don't like God and Jesus.
Harper: I don't like God and Jesus either.
Me: No, we LOVE God and Jesus. They made us. They created everything that we love.
Max: Like Paw Patrol?
Me: Yes, even Paw Patrol. And the flowers, and the sky. And God even made you!
Harper: Are God and Jesus nice?
Me: Oh,yes.
Max: And we see them when we die?
Harper: Grampa was sick.
Me: Yes, Grampa was sick and he died to go live in Heaven.
Harper: When I am sick I go to the doctor.
Me: We go to the doctor to get better. Grampa just couldn't get better so God took him to Heaven. We will see him when we go to Heaven.
Max: I don't want to get sick.
Me: Grampa was old, remember. He was ready to go to Heaven. We aren't ready yet.
Max: I miss Grampa
Me: Me too, buddy.

(Oh, boy. That was a rough one. I thought I was in the clear. There was silence. And then...)

Harper: We remember Grampa.
Me: We will always remember Grampa. We hold him in our heart with all of the other people that love us.
Harper: Like the heart on my shirt?
Me: No,like the heart inside us.
Harper: So, Grampa is in my body???!!! (disgusted confusion)
Me: Let's just go to bed.


At the dinner table after "school".

Harper: I have a booboo and need a Rapunzel bandaid.
Me: Ok. I'll get you one after bath.
Max: I have an owie too.
Me: What happened?
Max: This little kid (mind you he is referring to a 5 year old) pushed me down when he was on the scooter.
Me: Did he say sorry?
Max: No, he hugged me. I pushed him down because I didn't want his dumb hug.
Me: That wasn't very nice.
Max: But Mom he did it on purpose.



On the way to school with Jeremy the other day.

Jeremy: Do you guys want to count birds on the way to school this morning?
Both of them: YEAHHHHHH
Max: Look, I see a goose crab
Harper: A good crab? (Harper chuckle)
Jeremy: What's a goose crab?
Max: A big bird that walks close to the ground


While watching The Good Dinosaur. (Spoiler alert!)

Max: Papa died.
Me: Yes, but he went to Heaven.
Max: No, he didn't.
Me: Yes, he did. He will live with God and Jesus.
Max: Mom, it's just a dinosaur movie.


In the morning before school. I already left for work.

Harper: Where's Mom?
Jeremy: She's at work. Why?
Harper: I want my hair done.
Jeremy: I'll do your hair, honey.
Harper: No, no, no.
Jeremy: Why?
Harper: You'll make me look crazy.


Harper: (during a commercial of a favorite show): It's coming back on, Max. I promise.
Max: No. You don't say promise. I say promise.
Jeremy: So, you own the word 'promise', Max?
Max: Yes I do (nodding head)
Jeremy: Ok. How much did you pay for it?
Max: Sixty bucks.



Updates in pictures to come soon! I have the day off while new hardwood floors are installed in my house.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Down with Diapers! (A Potty Training Survival Story)

****Sorry, some of my pictures in this post have disappeared because I deleted them off of Blogger by accident.****
Ever since we got our potty chairs in DECEMBER, I have been excited at the thought of no more diapers. It seemed to be a strange and foreign land...a land with no diapers, no diaper bag, no more wipes, and no more dirty messes.

After the twins turned two, they were moved to the two year old room at daycare. They potty train and so we gave the all clear. We took copious amounts of big kid underwear and many, many changes of shirts, pants, socks and shoes.

We were ready to do this. (Or to let daycare do this.)

We loved our cushy life of having them pee and poop incessantly in their pants all while doing a load of laundry every night. So much that we used diapers at home but allowed daycare to just "try".

It was clear that if we weren't "all in", then Max and Harper weren't going to be all in either. So, we made a plan. THREE-DAY-POTTY-TRAINING.

Another twin parent at daycare passed along their copy of  Lora Jensen's 3 Day Potty Training ebook. We read the book and realized we would need 3 days of being at home constantly. So, we passed along to family and friends that we would be out of commission over Labor Day.

All of their goodies and incentives for a successful weekend!
We started the weekend by throwing away their last diaper and getting rid of all other diapers and pull ups that we had. The book said to throw away. I just put ours in the extra bedroom out of sight.
No more diapers (I might have cried a little)
The first day of the training was awful. SO AWFUL! By 9am, we wanted to quit. Max and Harper had both had 5 accidents. (On a side note, this sucked with carpet. Lots of carpet cleaner!)  We persisted and Max made great progress in the afternoon. Harper still refused to pee on the potty. However, she had great control and could hold it FOR-EV-ER! It actually had me concerned for her health a bit.

We were eager to start!

So proud of her sticker chart, albeit empty

Stressed out selfie
Girl likes to sit...just not pee there!
We had to spend every waking moment with we played lots of games.
End of a very trying day!

The second day of training was not as bad. They both woke up dry at night (yep, no diapers at night either! Crazy, right?!) Harper still refused to go in the potty but she wasn't having accidents all the time. In fact, many of her accidents were done right by the potty. Max did awesome. His sticker chart was getting full fast!
We started Day 2 with my first PSL of the season!
It made it better.

Waking up to pee was NOT his favorite thing.

Lots of brother/sister time!

Melt my heart

Sharing stickers

End of Day 2...Harper got a sticker for trying.

The third and final day of training was pretty darn good. Harper peed in the potty for the first time. We celebrated big time and had great hopes for her. Max was a rock star and using the potty by himself to pee AND poop. Harper's only successful trip to the potty was the only one. Sigh.

We overly celebrated Harper's baby steps.

More games and lots of movies

Yep, that's pee!

His BIG prize at the end of the weekend.
So Proud!

Harper's end of weekend prize sat there for a few days.
She got it eventually.

End of weekend sticker chart. Max helped out his sister quite a bit!
We took them back to daycare and gave the explicit directions of no pull ups or diapers. They were supportive. However, Harper was really struggling and probably not ready for that directive. But we didn't give up. We did lots of laundry and were in constant transfer of  clothing to and from daycare.

We had our first outing outside of the house the next weekend. Max was doing great and letting us know. Harper...not so much. We went through lots of clothes. I decided that she wasn't ready and I was starting to feel like I might cause irreparable psychological damage. So we put her back in pull ups this week.


Now she is potty trained! She hasn't had an accident for three straight days. But she is in pull ups. I think she feels more comfortable in them. She even poops on the potty now. I am just in shock. I thought for sure we would be battling the potty for months to come.

So we celebrate the small victories often. They are both doing spectacular.

It was a hard couple of weeks though. I am going out there and saying that potty training has to be the hardest thing about parenting so far. Give me sleepless nights. Give me the helpless first few days of parenthood. I go on record of saying POTTY TRAINING SUCKS! I never want to go through this again. Ever. No more.

Our life with kids is SO different now. We have to pack backpacks of undies and clothes. We have to have the phrase "Let me know when you have to go potty" on repeat every 30 minutes. We have to navigate public restrooms with kids that want to touch everything. We have to clean up really gross accidents...ones that are better in a diaper than on my floor. (Cleaning out undies filled with poop is up there on the list of most disgusting things ever.)

So, I have big kids. Big kids that  are rocking through this whole new adventure of potties. I am so proud of them and proud of us for surviving thus far.

 The whole experience of spending 3 whole uninterrupted days with my kids was amazing. They are such neat and amazing people. Their compassion and love for each other is the sweetest thing ever. I dare you to watch this video without it melting your heart into a puddle. Seriously.

See you soon!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Maxy Doodle

Now onto my favorite little man, Max!

Weight- 26 pounds 3 ounces 34%
Height- 33.5 inches 19%
Head- 19.5 inches 74%
Sizes- 2T shirts, 18 month or 24 month pants, shoes 6, diapers (not much longer) 5
Favorite food-Pizza
Favorite color-Blue
Favorite activities- watching movies, reading, dancing, playing outside, helping Mom or Dad, cars or tractors or figurines
Favorite movie: Cars, Horton Hears a Who, Big Hero 6
Favorite book: School bus, tractors, any book really!

Max is our sensitive guy. He gets his feelings hurt easily. He has a soft heart. He has this innate ability to know when someone needs a hug or a pat. He has helped me immensely since losing my dad last month. When he sees I am sad, he will come over and rub me or grab my face and kiss me. He does this with friends at daycare too. He doesn't like seeing people upset. He is so kind. But he hurts easily too.

He also gets annoyed easily. Especially by his sister. I wrote about this in Harper's post. I think his favorite phrase is "No, thank you" or "I don't like it". We hear these phrases a lot when he is upset or annoyed by what is going on around him.

He is not a fan of the big swimming pool but loved it when my sister took him to her neighborhood pool. I don't know what's up there. He kept saying "Max go home now." Ha!

Max is very helpful. He loves to do tasks around the house. Especially clean up time. He may have a bit OCD though. If things are lined up or put away "just so" then he may have a mini meltdown. Not the greatest character trait. We have started ignoring these "OCD flare ups" as well as keep Harper away and it seems to help. 

Max is a reader. Man, this kid. We could easily read 30 books in one sitting. I love to see him enjoy books. He is often found on the couch or in his chair reading books. He will repeat phrases or words that we have read to him. Sometimes even with the funny voices or inflections that we use. 

Max is a bit aggressive. Okay, sometimes more than a bit. He is easily frustrated by others or by objects/toys not working how they should. This results in Max clearly announcing "I bite you" "I pinch you" or "I push you" and then acting on such announcement. It is tiring. We use timeouts. He will sit in timeout for 2 minutes. He has had lots of practice so usually stays until his time is up. Sometimes even places a longer time period on himself. He will say "I am not ready." He knows getting out of timeout requires an apology (usually to Harper) so he will wait until he is ready to fully commit to the "I am sorry." It is hilarious.

He keeps us laughing for sure. He really is a funny dude. The things he says or comes up with are freaking hilarious. I am amazed at his vast vocabulary. He speaks in long sentences now and the stories he tells...ha!

At the doctor's 2 year check up, Dr. C walked in and Max announced, "Hi, Dr. Cattaneo!" I think it shocked Dr. C a bit. He then went on to say "I be 2". 

He is doing a great job on potty training at home. We are holding off to commit fully until they are moved to the next room at daycare in a couple weeks. But he tells us when he needs to go potty, especially at night and is successful (most times) in making it into the potty. Upon completion, he immediately asks for his M&M reward. Big boy pants are in our near future!

Max also loves animals. He has no fear of any kind. He would tackle a goat to give it a hug. He is obsessed with the family of deer that live in the trees at the end of our street. He is always looking for them and doesn't quite understand why they take off running at his charge towards them. Bella is, of course, his number one animal in his life. 

Max is an odd eater. He is a good eater but likes odd combinations of food. He loves red onions...and dip those babies in ketchup and you have made him really happy. Actually anything dipped in ketchup or applesauce is okay by him. Ewww...

Max is struggling with separation anxiety a bit. So sleep is trying. We find ways to tiptoe out of the room without hitting those darn creaks in the floorboard. He wants to rock or "hold you" which I genuinely love. I know when school starts back up and I need to legitimately need to work the next day, it may not be so cute. But I love being loved. And he loves big. He shows how much he loves you but also says it all the time. I just could kiss him all day long. My Prince!


"The Kids" in Pictures

I didn't want to add all of these extra pictures to the birthday post. So, I will leave all of this here. If you are friends with me on Facebook, it is all repeats.

Watching Mr. Stinky Feet!

Don't they look thrilled?!

New trikes from Nonnie!

At the Dr for 2 year checkups

New GIANT addition to our backyard

I had no idea I bought trick candles! They tried blowing these things out MANY times. 

They do love each other!

But also march to the beat of their OWN drum

Happy 4th!

Our 1st Chuck E Cheese visit

Mamaw and Papaw's pool

Train ride

All of their birthday loot!

Their 1st Build a Bear visit. Holy crap those bears are expensive!
I always make a year in review video. This one tells the story of Max and Harper's 2nd year. I love it so much!

More to come....