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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My List of Suck and Death

1. I have gained a lot of weight.
2. My twins are almost TWO!
3. I haven't blogged in awhile.
4. I am working on an emotional one to post later this week.
5. My dad died 11 days ago.
6. My life is turned upside down.
7. I am not sure how to function.
8. I hate teaching summer school.
9. My heart hurts to the point I feel I can't take it.
10. My kids asked "Grandpa awake today?" I died all over again.
11. He is in a better place.
12. I can think of nothing good happening in life right now.
13. I take everything personally.
14. I am in a perma-PMS mode.
15. How do I go on?
16. I don't know how to break bad news unless it is in list form.
17. I will give details of Dad in my Father's Day post. (See #4)
18. Okay, number 2 isn't so bad.
19. Remember that my dad was sick. I wrote about it HERE
20. My car broke down and I'm driving my mom's car until it's fixed.
21. I am sorry for this post and my absence.
22. Do these pictures make you feel better? They have been my light in the darkness.