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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best Month of My Life!

I knew love.

I love my family. I love my friends. I love my husband. I love chocolate. I love French fries. I love God above all else.

BUT...I never knew the kind of love that I have experienced in the last month.

Max and Harper have shown me a kind of love I never imagined I could experience. My heart swells each and every time I see them. I absolutely love kissing their sweet cheeks, listening to their little grunts and coos, and I love our snuggle time where they curl up on in my arms.

They have made my life complete and I love them more than I could ever express.

On another note, we had to deal with our first doctor appointment on the "sick side" last Monday. They both had colds with congestion but that was normal and just viruses. The reason we had to go to the doctor is because Harper had a rash with pustules (I know gross!) on her belly.

I am a carrier of Strep B. We found this out when I went into pre-term labor at 31 weeks. However, that hospital must have not sent over the results to the hospital I delivered at. When we showed up to deliver the twins, I told the nurse that I needed antibiotics for strep B. It took her an hour to get them to me because they didn't have that in my records. That on top of labor going extremely fast...I only had one dose of the antibiotics.

The rash on Harper's belly is caused from my strep B. They called it a strep/staph infection. It is contagious and within a few hours of leaving the doctor...Max had it on his belly too! They gave us an antibiotic ointment and it cleared up within a few days. Both are doing just fine now.

However, as a new mother, it was scary. I felt so awful and worried about them. I am glad the first illness and infection is out of the way. Maybe I will be more calm now! (I doubt it.)