Sunday, May 11, 2014


It's that time of the month that I absolutely cannot believe that they are another month older. So I will skip over that and get straight into the month update.

Each month is met with more and more unique milestones and events. Max is walking all around the house as long as he can hold onto something. He may push the activity table as if it were a walker (sometimes with his poor little sister holding on for dear life!), he uses the laundry basket, coffee table, couch, and even us. Harper is more content standing and isn't really interested in walking but she is a crawling pro. No more wounded animal for that gal! She is having no problem keeping up with her brother.

Other milestones:
  • Max picks up the phone and talks jibberish. He holds it like we do. Cutest thing. Check out the video I posted yesterday here
  • Harper can wave hello and goodbye. I posted video on same post as above. She sometimes will say "Hi, Mama" or "Hi, Dada" or something that resembles that. 
  • They are both clapping their hands. Max will say "Yay" as he does it sometimes. Harper has such an enthusiastic clap that sometimes she misses her hands but it is still downright adorable. 
  •  They are only eating purees a couple times a week when daycare's menu items are too difficult for them. But for the most part, they are just eating what we eat. It is so great! However, I absolutely HATE cleaning the highchair. It is by far the most disgusting things ever. 
  • They have a new found love for the dog's water and food dishes. So lovely for them to discover this! I haven't found them eating the food yet...I hope that never happens...but it will. And they will live.
  • They love to wrestle before bedtime. It is our new ritual after story time. I just love seeing the excitement they have playing with each other and they also love each other so much.                                          
He is about 19 pounds now. He wears some 6 month clothing (especially pants) but majority he is in 6-9 month and some 9 month. He wears size 3 diapers. He only has the same 4 teeth. He is a much better sleeper than he ever has been. He goes down quickly and sleeps even through some of Harper's middle of the night nightmares (yeah, she gets those).

She is around 20 least by our scales here at home. She wears 6-9 month and 9 month clothing. She has very chunky legs so sweet girl's thighs eat her pants! She also wears size 3 diapers. She only has 2 teeth through but judging by her fussiness lately...she must finally be breaking those top two in. At least that is what I hope!

They are growing and changing everyday. Here are some pictures of my sweet babies.

Finding his first egg!

He loved those things!

Harper getting help from Daddy

My sweet egg hunters

And egg eaters

Most of my parent's grandkids

Max wasn't super happy during this photo shoot!

They look so old here! Sigh. In their Easter outfits

Harper's Selfie

Shopping with Mommy and Daddy

What is with Harper's expression here?

Love this
Seriously messy
Love their food!
Hi, Mom!
WE love our Nonnie
We love our Grampa
Trying cheesecake with our Uncle Curt and Aunt Carrie
Aunt Carrie is a big fan of ours!
First Mother's Day pictures
Sweet boy
Beautiful girl

Harper's evil eye to having Max's naked butt in her face. Priceless!

The 10 month outtakes...

10 month pictures


Friday, May 9, 2014

To Max and Harper Love, Daddy

A LONG time ago...I wrote Max and Harper a letter from Mommy in their baby books. Here is my letter. I fill out their baby books every month. And every month, I ask Jeremy for his "From Daddy" letter. He keeps giving me the same response, "I am working on it." Well, today, I pulled out the baby books to work on tonight. I asked him the same question. But this time...HE DID IT!

Maxwell and Harper,

I know this is late, and your mother has been on me about getting this done for awhile now; but I had a plan, and it is finally time to sit down and write each of you a personal message-a message that hopefully resonates with you for a very long time.

You may not remember how things were when you were born, or anything about your initial journey through life. But there are plenty of pictures-and stories accompanying those pictures-that will help you understand exactly how you became, well, you. And more importantly, how much everyone loves you.

Your mother can attest that it was, indeed, love at first sight.

We knew we wanted to be parents, and to raise children of our own. We just hit a few hiccups along the way-hiccups that led us to you.

As you are naive to how your life is playing out right now, we, too, had no idea how our path to finally meeting you would unravel. But, as your mother would agree, we would do it over and over again knowing what we know now.

You may never understand what had to happen for your mother and I to welcome you into this world, but all the pain, agony, frustration, momentary loss of faith, financial struggles, etc., etc., are now just stepping stones-necessary moments and feelings that prepared us for the best thing that has ever happened in our lives.

The reason I waited to write this letter is because I wanted to get to know you first. I knew of you, I just didn't know you personally. Now that I do, I wanted to open my heart up a little.

Your smile is infectious. While I never know the motives behind it-whether you are just showing your pleasure for something, or trying to distract someone while doing something that you shouldn't be doing-your smile will always, in turn, make me smile back.

You are adventurous. While they may scare me at times, I want you to know that I have your back. I will let you learn the things that you think you need to learn on your own, but I will always be there to catch you if you fall.

I want to ask something of you, though. I want you to always be there for your sister, Harper, just like I promise to be there for you. She will frustrate you, bug you, and you will want nothing to do with her at times; but remember that she is your sister, and that she needs you more than either of you will ever admit.

The way you look at me melts my heart. And that little smirk you give me will always tell me that you know how much I truly love you.

I will never get tired of holding you, even if it is bedtime or the middle of the night when everyone else in the house is sleeping. My arms will always be wide open for your cuddles.

I promise to always make you laugh. Right now you seem to get a kick out of everything that I do, but that will change. My goofy antics will not be as funny as you become older, but I will adapt and try my best to continue being the funniest person that you know-just ask your mother!!!

While this is from me, I just want you both to know how much your mother and I love you. We waited what seems like an eternity for the moment you entered this world, but please know that you were worth every second of it!



Love him!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mama Got a Brand New Job!

I just realized that I have not made a single post this month. This is a stressful, busy time of the year for teachers. It is the last weeks of school so kids are crazy, teachers are frazzled, papers needing graded are piled high, state testing is grueling, and so on. I signed on to teach a couple weeks of summer school which is always "fun" (not really, but good money).

For a couple of years, I have started to lose the passion for teaching. I was losing sight of why I loved teaching. I was becoming more and more burnt out. The babies are what finally pushed me to quit my job a couple months ago. I needed to find something I loved if I was going to spend time away from them...or the plan was to spend more time at home.

My plans are not in action here. HIS are! (Why haven't I learned from before??)

A couple months ago, a great district called me to set up a screening interview. I was surprised because I hadn't applied but they got my resume at an online database. I went. Loved the principal that interviewed me. She called me the next day for a second interview. I toured the building, met staff, and loved the idea of teaching again.

Two weeks later (I got really impatient!), I GOT THE JOB! I just know this will re-energize my love for teaching again. I am so excited for the new challenges, new outlook and other perks. Like the new school is only 5 miles from home. Right now, I drive 27 one way. So...more time with babies. It also doesn't hurt that I will be getting a considerable raise in salary. Like...a lot!

It is bittersweet though. I have spent my entire teaching career at South Middle. Those people are my family. They are why I stuck around and they made me sane. I will miss them more than they know. The last day of school is approaching which makes me excited...but I also am dreading those goodbyes.

Now... some babies to hold you over until Sunday...the babies will be 10 months old!

Max takes the phone and talks. We caught him saying "Hello". Harper waves. More adorable pics and videos later.