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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last Year in my Twenties :(

My twenties have been awesome! I had the most fun, biggest changes, greatest challenges, heartbreak, love, success, and failure. I LOVE being in my twenties. That is why on my 29th birthday today, I feel as if there is a lot to do in the next year. First thing---GET PREGNANT! That has been on my list for a few birthdays so far...still waiting. I know that 30 isn't old...but it marks me being old under fertility standards.

However, here is what I have to look forward to in my thirties:
  • I WILL be a mom
  • I WILL be a skinnier/healthier me
  • I WILL have better skin
  • I WILL be smarter, wiser ( I know it is hard to top where I am at but I bet I can try!)
  • I WILL be more in love with my hubby than I am now
  • I WILL make more money (let's hope)

So, I plan on enjoying my last year of my twenties. Yes, 3-0 scares me still. But I am positive many great things will happen in the next decade.

Meanwhile, I have decided to join NaBloPoMo. There is an icon over there on my page but it is going to truly challenge me! I need to post on my blog EVERYDAY during the month of November. This means weekends and holidays too. I have some writing prompts that will get me through the weeks.

Today's prompt asked me my favorite quotation and why. So, of course, I turned to my Pinterest page which is filled with collected quotes that I love.

I love this quote for many reasons. First of all, it applies to so many areas of life but most importantly it fits so well with an infertile's life. There are so many things we WANT in life. Some dreams we eventually give up on or change our minds. I will NEVER change my mind or give up on our dream of having children. I know that it is everything I have ever wanted. If only we had a magic ball that showed us our future...only then will this infertility all make sense.
I look forward to posting everyday this month...hopefully I can keep it up!