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Thursday, July 10, 2014


They are one. They are one! They are ONE!!!!

A year ago the thought of having one year olds seemed forever away. Now, it is here and I can hardly believe it. They have grown and changed so much! Check out this Flipagram of how much they have changed over the year!

Their first birthday party is Sunday. I will most definitely post the pictures. We are expecting A LOT of family and friends to come and help us celebrate their first year of life. It should be a lot of fun!

I guess I will do their 12 month update. I guess this is the last monthly update. I am going to have to get better at this structured blogging now since I won't have a specified reason to blog once a month. Ha!

Both twins are becoming quite the grown people! They need to stop!
-One bottle a day...night time bottle. We haven't tried getting rid of it yet since it really helps with the bedtime routine.
-All table foods now
-We started mixing whole milk with their formula and now they are almost all on whole milk. Within a couple days, I expect no more formula!! Woo-hoo!!
-Both wear size 3 diapers and 12 month clothing. Max is almost in shoes size 4, Harper is a size 3.
-Just went through another round of antibiotics for ear infections...same one since April for them. The tube surgery can't come soon enough!

Let's start with the princess of the family, Miss Harper, whom I lovingly call "Harpy" "Harps" or "Booger". I probably should stop because these names might stick.

She was our first walker. She still has to be coerced into doing it and won't just stand up and walk across the room. Her preferred method of travel is crawling but she can walk. Yes, she might resemble a drunken sailor but still walking, nonetheless.

She has 4 teeth still...but this morning has 2 more top ones coming in but haven't broke skin yet.

She is at least 21 pounds but we go for our check up next Thursday for the official.

She sleeps well at night and takes 1 long (1-2 hours) nap in the day.

Harps loves to kiss. She gives big open mouthed kisses and says "Awww" afterwards because that is, of course, what we say when she gives kisses.

Harpy is also a great eater. She eats slow and steady but will clear her plate guaranteed. Her favorite foods are watermelon, any type of bread, vanilla wafers, peas, and bananas.

Harper talks up a storm. Sometimes to her brother, sometimes to herself while she is playing, and other times to us. She really gives us the business...if only we knew what she was saying! Her new words from last month are: "Ball" "Doggie" something that resembles "Max" and more that I must be forgetting.

She is so loving. I know I say that but she really is. Yes, she has bitten Max! But I swear, she normally is very sweet.

Now for our ornery, silly boy, Mr. Max. I can't get enough of this boy!

Max is so stinkin cute that he gets away with a lot from Mama. I need to stop because I am creating a monster. He is into everything. Literally. He has no fear and will crawl on top of anything to get something he is determined to get. He will push anything out of his path. We refer to him as "Max Chaos" sometimes. He is non stop. He doesn't stop moving. He goes and goes until he sleeps and gets up to do it all again.

He is pure boy. He loves throwing things. This started with teaching him to throw balls but has opened his eyes that everything can be thrown. He examines things really closely to see how they work and operate. This especially applies to his cars. He loves cars. He will push them around the house saying "Vroom" for a long time. It is our quiet time because we don't have to look our for the destruction that usually follows him. Ha!

He has 7 teeth and one more getting ready to break through. They all just popped up so quickly this time!

Max is also a big kisser. He will pucker up and kiss. He loves to kiss his sissy but sometimes that turns into biting sissy. He has left some marks. We tell him no firmly and distract him. I have a feeling we are going to have to start taking people's advice and bite him back. I hate to do that though!

He wears around 20 pounds but, again, we will see on Thursday.

He also loves to eat. His favorite is pancakes, bananas, animal crackers, graham crackers, pasta, mandarin oranges, or pretty much anything. He hasn't really met a food he hasn't liked!

Max is quieter when it comes to talking. He will occasionally babble a bit. His new words from last month "Doggie" "Ball" "Throw" and more.

Max still hasn't ventured past the 3-4 step mark on walking. He is so much faster crawling. If he is holding onto one of our hands, he nearly runs across the room but can't stand still long enough to do it himself. He just doesn't have the patience for it. We keep working with him and hopefully he will gain the confidence to do it on his own soon.

We get Max's haircut today!! We will have pictures of that too.

They are just the loves of my life. Here are a few pictures from the last month. And look for birthday pictures soon!

Not having the before church pic

Practicing their cake eating skills

Standing tall

This is how you do it when your hands are full of cookies!

Happy 4th of July

Riding the horsey at Mamaw & Papaw's

Riding the horse at our friend's

Riding the train

There's a really cool mini railroad. The rides are $.50. They loved it!
My Harpy

Too cool!

The family on the train
In our pool on the deck

Loving the water gun

Happy girl

More pool time at our friends

Hey, Dad

Still from the train

A break from swimming

All their friends
Trying on gear for his party! Ha!
Train ride

Why he needs a haircut!

Last month picture!!

It was so hard to keep them still!!

We went to Portrait Innovations as a last minute decision to get their one year pictures made. It wasn't an awful experience for a cheap walk-in place. Here are a few shots from there:


Where we are now a year later

I have been told since the babies were born one simple phrase: Enjoy every moment because it goes so fast. There were times that I doubted this advice. It was usually around 3am when I had no idea what to do and cried thinking they would never sleep. I would never sleep again. But in all honesty...this year has flown by. I have no idea how this happened.
[side note] I am in the process of selling their clothes, equipment, etc in a consignment sale. Jeremy and I really did have a difficult conversation about our likelihood of having  more kids. As much as I would adore more babies...we are most likely done. For many reasons. So...we are purging the baby stuff to make room for TODDLER stuff! Looking at the newborn clothes, swaddle cloths, and socks makes me tear up. I have a hard time remembering them that small. They were. I just can't fathom it now that they are SO BIG! My sister-in-law, Jeremy's sister, had her twin boy and girl on June 16. I loved them instantly, of course. It will be awesome for Max and Harper to have MORE (I think there are 5 sets total on Jeremy's side!) twin cousins. Again, though, I couldn't believe that they were so tiny. Even though they were nearly the exact size of my babes. 

I sometimes reflect on our lives pre-babies. I can't imagine what we did with our time. We must have had time to do everything on our to-do lists. I am sure our house was cleaner. I am sure money wasn't as tight. I am sure that our dog got lots of attention. I am sure that Jeremy and I a lot of alone time together. But I am also sure of one important thing...our lives were not complete and our hearts had a giant whole of emptiness that could only be filled with love for Max and Harper. 

July 11 changed our entire beings. I suddenly have become a new and amazing thing: a mom. I am Max and Harper's favorite mom in their whole world! Ha! The way they look at me, still melts my heart. They need me. And oh, do I need them! They look to me for guidance on what to touch and what not to touch. They test boundaries. They test my patience (which by the way, I have also gained through them!). 

Suddenly bodily fluids have become a natural thing to have in my hair, face, clothes, or even mouth (gross!). I never thought that I would get to a point where poop isn't a big deal...but also a big topic of conversation. We suddenly talk about poop a lot. Did they go? What did it look like? Are they constipated? Do they have diarrhea? 

Each milestone in the last year...whether that was rolling over or taking steps...has made me feel honored to witness their growth and development. They amaze me everyday with what they know and learn. 

Before the babies and during our infertility battle, I prayed a lot. I felt like I was begging sometimes. Pleading for a miracle. Then, God gave us them. Our precious miracles that we prayed for fervently for. During the last year, I watch them grow and change. I don't think I have ever been this up close and personal (or not focused in long enough) to see God's work. They are amazing. HE made them. HE gave them to us and am forever grateful that he decided to share them with us. I feel so overwhelming blessed to be their mother. 

I know that this post seems convoluted but this is my brain nowadays. I can't write anymore. I used to be able to stay on topic but now I just regurgitate whatever thoughts pop into my head. So it isn't pretty, but it is my life now.