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Saturday, December 28, 2013

First Christmas in Pictures

Max and Harper had a pretty awesome first Christmas. It was a busy few days and they were troopers through it all. Saturday 12/21, we had Jeremy's family at our house to open gifts. Sunday, 12/22, we went to Jeremy's aunt's house for a family gathering. Christmas Eve we spent it at my parents' house opening gifts with all my siblings, nieces, and nephew. Then Christmas Day we had lunch at my parents and then went to Jeremy's parents that night. 

Christmas Night was rough. Harper needed to be held and just screamed most of the night. She finally went to sleep on me. I was also sick with a sinus, head cold so we took them to daycare the day after Christmas. The plan was for me to rest and start to feel better.

Well...daycare called for me to pick them up. Both were running fever which they weren't running that morning because I checked. I took them to Children's Mercy to find out my poor babies had ear infections. No wonder Harps was having a difficult time. I am so glad they made it through their first Christmas being our happy babes. 

Needless to say, yesterday was a tough day for Mommy. Both babies needed snuggles at the same time and I was exhausted. I felt like a twin newborn Mom again. Man, I don't miss that tired feeling. Good news is that both babies are feeling better. Appetites aren't 100% yet but they are happier and no more fever. 

Now for the pictures:

My first gift. What do I do now?

Oh...this is fun!

Look at all of our big cousins!

Max loved unwrapping!

And eating boxes, paper, etc.

Max & Harper made their grandparents a photo book. Link below.

Sleepy boy

Christmas morning

Bella loved her Santa gift!

They don't know Santa yet...but they loved opening his presents.

Some of their Santa loot

Grampa lovin'

Cousin Love

More cousin love

They love Uncle Curt too!

And even more cousin love!
Yep...more cousins that love us!
Look at us!
In case you didn't is our first Christmas!
Oh! And our first solid food! Carrots!
What? Is there something on my face?
Poor Max needed his Nonnie
Harps snuggling her Aunt Allison
Beyond blessed this Christmas!!

A picture above shows my parents reading their photo book. We made one for each set of grandparents. I love Shutterfly and love their projects. We also made my siblings a frame with pictures too. Here is the link to the book: Shutterfly Book .