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Monday, November 11, 2013

4 Months of Awesome

Max & Harper are four months old!!!

They are growing and changing everyday. Here are some random happenings of the last month:

  • They giggle out loud and on purpose. Max loves when we hold him in the air. Harper loves when we blow raspberries on her tummy. 
  • They talk A LOT. I crack up at their babbles. I swear they talk to each other. One will wake up in the night and chatter to wake the other one (not so awesome!) and it is so cute.
  • They eat like champs. We went through a bout of stomach bugs in our house but when healthy they eat 7 ounces every 3-4 hours. 
  • At night they sleep a pretty consistent 10 hours. They are asleep in bed around 7pm each night. This is great for getting grading and things done around the house...but sad that I lose cuddle time, especially when I have to stay late at school. 
  • They are teething. In fact, Harper has her first tooth barely poking through. We got them the Baltic amber necklaces. They are great! So far, it has really cut down on their drooling. They were drooling so much that they would puke up clear fluid. Gross!
  • They love play time. Tummy time doesn't last too long anymore since they roll everywhere. Max has even mastered the scoot. He will spin and turn until he gets where he wants, which usually means to see the TV to watch sports (just like his dad!). Max is super close to being able to roll from back to tummy. 
  • They pull out their pacifiers to smile and talk and then put them back in! So cute. 
  • They notice their hands and are completely mesmerized by them. Max laid in his crib for a good 30 minutes watching his hands. He didn't cry but I stood out of sight watching him. Hilarious!
  • Max holds his own bottle. We don't quite trust them to hold them completely but we are getting there. 
  • They love to be in the sitting position but can't quite do it with their awkward balance. The Bumbos are their favorites right now. 
  • They love their daycare teachers and their teachers love them too. I have to say picking them up in the evening is my all time favorite part of the day!
  • They are starting to realize that Bella, our beagle, is there now. They reach to touch her or stare at her. I have to wonder what they think she is. 
  • They wear mostly 3-6 month clothing. I packed away all 0-3 and some 3 month too. Max is even wearing some 6  month clothes. So sad how fast they are growing!
Now for some pictures. Sorry for the rushed post but baby snuggles await me...

Sitting pretty

The tongue is always out!

Tiny beauty

Near rolling to tummy from back...

You did what?!

I love you, Mom!

Using the Bumbo so they could take a bath together for the first time

Notice our pretty Amber necklaces to help with teething

Loving the tummy time

Our favorite boy cousin!

We have lots of cousins to help us!

No way!

That's hilarious!

I was loving the camera!

They woke me up for this?!


Tired baby

Four months old!

Daddy is doing funny things but we aren't amused