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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Countdown to Babies To-do List

School is out for summer!! And for me, school is out until October 1 when I go back after maternity leave. I though I would feel more relaxed...but I don't. I have created a to-do list that is a mile long. I want everything on the list completed before the babies arrive.

(On a side note about Max and Harper's arrival. I have a strong feeling they will be here by 35 weeks.  I am having an increase in contractions as well as some other more disgusting things that are signs of getting closer to labor! Holy cow! For their health they really need to stay in until 35 weeks. Which is 3.5 weeks away!!!)

I have had three of my four baby showers. I plan on making a separate post with pictures but have been super lazy in getting the pictures off my camera. I will hopefully do this soon. We received SO MUCH stuff! We feel so blessed that so many people support us and love our babies. But more on that is my list:

1. Clean out from under the guest bathroom sink to make room for baby bath stuff.

2. Move our master bedroom around to accommodate the double bassinet.

3. Wash all baby clothes, sheets, blankets.

4. Sort clothes into tubs by size for storage.

5. Clean out and organize attic to make room for baby storage.

6. Clean out garage and create storage for babies.

7. Clean out the basement which has been the hub for everything baby.

8. Clear out kitchen cabinet for bottles and such.

9. Clear out space in pantry for formula.

10. Get infant seats inspected and professionally installed at the fire station.

11. Pack hospital bag!

12. Install more shelves in laundry room.

13. Get new faucets installed in kitchen and bathrooms.

14. Fix our light switch in master bedroom.

15. Start filling out baby books.

16. Purchase items off registry that we still need.

17. Write thank you cards.

18. Find a pediatrician.

So...I better get busy because just typing it all out gives me anxiety. I know I am probably still missing critical things that should be done before their arrival and that keeps me up at night (as well as their movement and pains).

I hope to make a shower post soon!