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Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Year

You hear the saying "What a difference a year makes?!"

Well, it is SO true!

Last night, Jeremy and I were daydreaming about meeting our babes. We get super excited when we think about what they will look like, what they will want to do in life, what activities they will participate in, and how much they will love each other and us. In our daydreams, we also realized where we were nearly exactly a year ago.

We lost our IVF chance on June 22, is the heartbreaking blog post: Click here. Then on this very day (June 27) I wrote about suffering with OHSS: Click here. What's crazy is that I spent most of June taking it easy and staying on couch forward to June 2013 and I have spent most of it on bed rest.

The only difference is that now we are awaiting our precious miracles arrival. What a difference a year makes?!

It really starts to put God's plan for us in perspective. Last year at this time, I was so disappointed. I thought that God had His plan for us all wrong. I couldn't believe that we weren't meant to be parents. I felt guilty for not allowing Jeremy be a dad. I was in a place of defeat.

But God didn't forget us. He had a plan for us all along. And now God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams with a precious little boy and beautiful little girl. Now...if only He could speed up this process so we can finally meet them in person!!

Update: At my doctor's appointment yesterday, I found out I am progressing. But still no labor! I am nearly 4cm, 90% effaced, and at a -2 station. Many women are in labor at this point...but not me! My doctor said it could be days or...WEEKS! I am so excited to meet them I can hardly stand it. The latest that I will have to wait is around July 17 when I will be induced. I am hoping they decide to come on their own before that though. There are so many people that love these babies already and they are also so anxious to meet them.

Good things come to those who wait! We waited four years for these babies...I think we can wait a few more weeks if we have to!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I knew I was an impatient person. Fertility treatments and all the WAITING drove me crazy.

Now, I am excited. And the anticipation of Max and Harper's arrival is wearing on me. I want to know when they are going to arrive and HOW.

Will they be June or July babies? Will they be healthy enough to come home with me instead of staying in NICU? Will I have a smooth labor? Or will I need a C-section?

All things I wish I knew the answers to. But just as God has taken care of us and blessed us. He will continue to follow the plan He has in place for us. The babies will come right when they are supposed to and God will watch over them.

I just wish I could see their beautiful faces now. I wish I could hold them, cuddle them, smell them (don't judge babies smell good), and kiss their cheeks.

I am so ready and excited to be a Mommy. I know I have less than 3 weeks as a maximum but I really want them to come sooner than later...just the selfish side of me!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and looking forward to hearing if my cervix is progressing or not.