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Friday, July 25, 2014


Since I have waited awhile to blog. A lot has happened since...

Let's start with the babies:
We had their shots last week. They did great. No issues. Max was on the smaller part of the scale (10%) again. He weighed 19 pounds, 11 ounces and 28.5 inches long. Harper was right in the middle for her charts (48%). She weighed 20 pounds, 12 ounces and 28.75 inches long. Both seem to be doing well meeting all of the required milestones already.

Today, they had their tubes put in. They have been suffering with ear infections for months (poor babies). They did awesome! I couldn't have asked for better babies. They were starving I am sure since we had to cut off food at 6:30am and clear liquids at 11am. Their surgeries were at 2pm.

I will post some more of the cute babies later on too.

Update on me: My thyroid seems to have regulated a bit. I haven't GAINED any more weight. But I haven't lost any either. I guess I need to actually start working on that!

I had jury duty for the first time ever on Monday. I have had to call in all month but was never actually asked to report. It was kind of neat. I liked seeing the process. I knew I wouldn't be chosen as soon as I walked in the courtroom because I knew one of the prosecutors through mutual friends and of course had to declare that.

I have started putting my new classroom together at my new school. It is a tedious task but after a couple afternoons, I have made headway. I have attended a few PD meetings too. I don't really have to start my required meeting until the 31st. So I only have a few more short days of my summer. Sigh!

I have also started preparing for my second job. I will be a literacy education adjunct professor for University of Central Missouri this semester. I am teaching an online course that I actually took myself in my Master's program.



Harper eating a lemon is so cute!!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mama Got a Brand New Job!

I just realized that I have not made a single post this month. This is a stressful, busy time of the year for teachers. It is the last weeks of school so kids are crazy, teachers are frazzled, papers needing graded are piled high, state testing is grueling, and so on. I signed on to teach a couple weeks of summer school which is always "fun" (not really, but good money).

For a couple of years, I have started to lose the passion for teaching. I was losing sight of why I loved teaching. I was becoming more and more burnt out. The babies are what finally pushed me to quit my job a couple months ago. I needed to find something I loved if I was going to spend time away from them...or the plan was to spend more time at home.

My plans are not in action here. HIS are! (Why haven't I learned from before??)

A couple months ago, a great district called me to set up a screening interview. I was surprised because I hadn't applied but they got my resume at an online database. I went. Loved the principal that interviewed me. She called me the next day for a second interview. I toured the building, met staff, and loved the idea of teaching again.

Two weeks later (I got really impatient!), I GOT THE JOB! I just know this will re-energize my love for teaching again. I am so excited for the new challenges, new outlook and other perks. Like the new school is only 5 miles from home. Right now, I drive 27 one way. So...more time with babies. It also doesn't hurt that I will be getting a considerable raise in salary. Like...a lot!

It is bittersweet though. I have spent my entire teaching career at South Middle. Those people are my family. They are why I stuck around and they made me sane. I will miss them more than they know. The last day of school is approaching which makes me excited...but I also am dreading those goodbyes.

Now... some babies to hold you over until Sunday...the babies will be 10 months old!

Max takes the phone and talks. We caught him saying "Hello". Harper waves. More adorable pics and videos later.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Update on Mommy and Daddy

I go back to see my thyroid doctor in a couple weeks. I wish I could give this amazing update that all symptoms have been relieved and I feel 100% again. That is not the case.

Granted, I don't feel as awful as I did before seeing Dr. Sokol back in February. I was placed on Synthroid 100mg once a day.

The one thing I was hoping this would help was my weight. I have been running or walking and watching what I am eating but still putting on weight. I have lost ONE pound! That. is. it.

I am still overly tired. My babies are not the cause of this. They sleep. I never wake up rested even after 7-8 hours.

My skin is getting better. It used to be so dry and either the medicine or the warmer weather and gallons of lotion are helping.

I am looking for a job. I should probably be panicked at this point that I haven't found anything. But I am not. Jeremy is. Ha! I put in my resignation at South Middle. I am looking for a job within education or able to use my education expertise in a non-classroom setting. I want to be able to spend more quality time with my family. I am also sick of being stressed out about work. I need a couple years to be able to be a better Mom. That is more important than being a stellar teacher at this point in my life. I am sure I will go back to teaching because I do feel like it is something I am good at. But who knows?

I have applied to a million different places. I haven't heard back from many of those. I am starting to doubt my gutsiness--(is that a word?) I know God will provide. He always does. I get paid through August. But I really would like to know what I am doing for a job after June 5.


He loves his new job. He is happier. He spends more time with us. So therefore, I love his new job. I wish I could find something that made me as happy as he is. He is good at this job too. So proud of him.

I wouldn't leave a post without the babes. Here they are in their new outfits from their Nonnie and Grampa.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

8 Months & New Life Chapters

Another month. They are a measly 4 months away from being ONE! I also have to admit that I have been searching Pinterest for ideas for their first birthday party. Our house is too small to have everyone here and the twins won't really be ready for the full out bouncy house birthday yet. So we are thinking at having it at nearby park. That way there are activities and it is large enough for everyone. Although I really don't want them to grow up so fast...I am excited about their very first birthday!

Max is a crazy person. Seriously. He is into everything that he shouldn't and will magically be across the room within seconds of looking away. He is obsessed with the foam that we put around the edges of our coffee table. He wants it off the table and in his mouth. We tell him no. He shakes his head no to us and giggles. How do you get mad at that? He is too funny. He loves to stand at the activity table and fight Harper for the best buttons to push. He babbles nonsense a lot. Lots of "Dada" "Mama" "RaRa" "Nana" and squeals.

He has been a little under the weather lately. Horrible diaper rash from cutting TOP teeth. (He has some large bumps on his top front gums.) He hasn't been sleeping well and is just overall not his happy self. Hopefully he will be over this fussy stage soon. It has only been a few days but I want my sweet, smiley boy back.

He loves food! His favorites are still fruit. Most recently he loves the mixed fruits. He also is getting pretty good at feeding himself. He likes the little puffs and has just learned how to make hand to mouth connection. Granted, our dog, Bella, still gets her fair share from him, but he is doing well. He wears 6-9 month clothing for the most part. The 9 month clothes are a little big and he still fits into most of his 6 month clothing. He wears size 3 diapers. I don't know exact weight but by just holding him and weighing on our scales...he is around 17.5 pounds.

Harper is the happiest baby. She is so smiley, snugly, and loving. She gives big open mouth kisses and melts my heart with her facial expressions. She is the sweetest girl. She is also a girl on the go but hasn't quite mastered crawling all of the way. She sometimes gets so excited that she is moving that she head butts the ground which isn't her favorite feeling. She can still get where she wants to go and has also developed an obsession with the foam on the coffee table. (Been watching Max too much!) She loves to play. She gets so excited that she flaps her arms and squeals when you do about anything. So cute! She also talks quite a bit and I swore the other day she said something that resembled "Max".

She has had a perpetual cough for a few weeks. Never a fever. She even seems to feel fine. It is slowly getting better which is good. I am just ready for winter to go away so they can stay healthy longer. She has her one and half (I say half because it is just barely peaking through) tooth on the bottom.

She is an eater. She can eat Max under the table highchair. She is more of a veggie and dinner fan. She loved the chicken and noodle puree and also a big fan of squash. But I don't think we have found a food she doesn't like yet. She is not as sure about feeding herself. It is like she doesn't want to get her hands dirty. She will pick up a puff and look at it in disgust before throwing it on the ground for Bella. However, she likes the puffs but wants me to feed it to her. Silly! She wears 6-9 month and 9 month clothing. She can sometimes fit into 6 month clothing but for the most part they are too small now. She wears size 3 diapers. Again, not a complete accurate weight on our scales but she is close to 18.5 pounds.
Helping "Grandma" Anne celebrate her 90th!

We kinda like bathing together!


Miss Harper is a happy girl!

Just hanging out

Max getting into everything!

He loves getting into the diaper stash


What? It wasn't me!

8 month pictures

Outtakes tell it all

Babygate was installed!

Playing together

On a run with Mom

They both amaze me everyday. I just never knew this kind of love existed.

But I am tired. I think this stage is more difficult than the newborn stage. I don't have nearly the amount of time to keep up with housework and work-work. They definitely run us ragged but wouldn't have it any other way!

You would think that having two humans to take care of and support would prevent us from making huge life changes. Nope! This is Jeremy's last week at his job of nearly 11 years. He is going to be a sales manager for a local sock company. Yep, socks! He is going to help grow the business and hopefully make a lot more money. He has always carried the insurance for the babies so now we are figuring that out. The sock company is fairly new and he will be their ONLY paid employee.

On top of that uncertainty...I turned in my resignation to my school that I have taught at for 8 years! Am I crazy? Possibly. I will still need to work but am looking for a job still using my education degrees but in a capacity that doesn't involve the stresses and grading of a regular teacher. I am hoping to find something and the pressure is on now.

So onto new life challenges. It never stops. Jeremy is really excited and to be honest...just turning in my resignation felt good.