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Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby Showers Oh My!

Baby showers are a very normal step in the process of preparing for a first baby (or babies in our case). However, for an showers have always been such painful experiences. Granted, I have always been happy for my friends who now have beautiful children. But a shower was one of those occasions where my desire for children was thrown in my face.

It was so hard to sit through the games, the tiny d├ęcor, and the adorable baby items. Luckily, the cake seemed to take some of the sting away!

There were times that I backed out of baby showers because of the overwhelming sadness. There were times that I slipped out early.

BUT...for once these were showers for OUR babies! It didn't make it any less emotional for me though. My first shower was with Jeremy's family, my family, and family friends. My sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and mom all helped throw the shower.

My sister & me
With my mom

Write on a diaper and feed the piggy banks

The adorable cake!
The mints
The setup

The Loot
My sister, me, my mom
My sis, me, Mom, my sister-in-law 

It was such a great day! I held it together while at the shower but on my drive home...I lost it. I think it hit me that I just had a baby shower...for me! I spent years thinking (and believing) that I would never be pregnant, that I would never be a mom, that I would never have a baby shower. I bawled like a baby all the way home. I literally sobbed. I could have blamed it on the pregnancy hormones but the truth was...I was so happy that I didn't know how else to react to the generosity and support of the lovely ladies that were there with me.

My friends threw me my next shower. It was equally as emotional but again I kept my composure. I have been to their baby showers to celebrate their beautiful babies and they have been SO supportive through our entire process. They cried with me, prayed with me, and always found a way to make me forget about our lack of children even if for a brief time. They are the greatest friends EVER!
Great food!!

So great to hang out with friends!

The Loot!

We are missing one great friend who left but here are my friends for life! Many we have been friends for our whole lives!

The beautiful moms that have raised us and have also been 2nd moms to me!

My camper Alicia and her baby

Jeremy's work also gave us a shower but I don't have many pictures of the event! My work collected money for a gift card.

Moral to this story...we are BLESSED! So many people have supported us and still support us as we embark on this new journey called parenthood. I LOVED every bit of every shower.