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Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Halloween??

Better late than never, right?!

I can't believe I haven't updated the blog in this long. So I am expecting to make a few posts over the weekend...we shall see if I am successful.

Happy Halloween (nearly one month later)!

Harper was the sweetest Lil' Red Riding Hood and of course, Max, was the (not so) Big (not so) Bad Wolf. They definitely liked Halloween this year. I bet next year they are really into it! They are getting so big!

We went to a party at their school. They ate way too many cookies. Then, we met my family at my sister's house so they could see their cute costumes. And finally, made a trip to my in-laws to finish out the night.

Ready for our 2nd Halloween!!

Sweet boy

Sweet girl

Practicing his growl??



Catching a ride on my cousin's shoulders

Hanging with our cousin


Friday, November 1, 2013

First Halloween & Holy Cow I am 30!

Halloween...for many a time of scary masks, too much candy, fall leaves, and for teachers...hyperactive students!

Well, for me growing up, it meant my birthday was tomorrow! So, I looked forward to November 1, not October 31. Today, I am thirty. 3-0! It was a marker of being officially "old" for so long and now that I am officially 30, it is so YOUNG! But seriously, how did this happen?

Tomorrow, I am having an old fashioned roller skating party. For my tween years of 11-13, I had a roller skating party. So I figured it would be the best chance to recapture my childhood. I am hoping I don't break an arm or throw out a hip. It also means that I am going to be out without the babies.

My mom is going to watch the babies for us while we party like it's 1995. I was going to initially leave them overnight but I just can't. We are going to pick them up after the festivities but leaving them on a weekend is a big step for me. Weekends are sacred time for a working mom!

Speaking of babies...Max and Harper celebrated their first big holiday. They had two costumes because that's how they roll. They were adorable glow in the dark skeletons at daycare yesterday for their "school" party. Then they changed into adorable tree creatures...a monkey and koala. They seemed to enjoy their day and costumes. Seeing all of the adorable toddlers trick or treating made me so excited for next Halloween when they may actually have a clue about what is going on!

They were also 16 weeks old yesterday. More craziness! Time seriously needs to slow down. I feel like I blink...then they look older and are more mobile. (Max now rolls both ways! They are starting to teeth. And they both laugh out loud which is by far the most adorable thing they have done so far. And that's a tall order considering they ooze cuteness!)

Enjoy the pictures and will post about my 30th birthday party soon.

We love tummy time!

My cute bags of bones

Seriously cute

Looking stylish for church

Love pats and fat bellies

My tree creatures

Sweet Koala Harper

Monkey Max

My MIL doesn't mess around when it comes to Halloween!

Gosh I love these two so much!