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Thursday, December 29, 2016

I. Am. Back.

Well, hello world!

If I had readers at one point...I am sure you have given up on me by now. After all, who wants to be a follower of a blog that randomly posts pictures of some cute kids once a year?! I have struggled with keeping this blog current really since the twins (now 3 1/2!) were one. It seems like life has been a blur. I always have these great hopes but they fall short in every way.

This is why my main goal for 2017 is to BLOG. Like every week? But realistically I would like to make at least 2 posts a month. I used to love writing. Now, I just veg out in front of Netflix when the kids go to bed. (As I am watching "The Crown" right now.) Writing is therapeutic. I think I need it back in my crazy life.

Of course, life is a lot crazier than it was when I was a regular blogger.

1. I have 2 jobs: 1 as a teacher (for 11 years now) and 1 as an adjunct professor. It just so happens I am teaching two new courses that I have never taught before so there's that added stress...

2. Jeremy has a million jobs too (maybe just 3...or 4? I lose count. He is always busy!)

3. Our kids are HUGE! They are getting involved with other activities and well, just big kids now.

4. What the hell do I write about?! I am a different person than I was when I started this blog 5 years ago.

However, I am reinvesting myself into this space. I may not write about interesting topics. I may not make much sense. But I am going to write. I have even set up a reminder every Friday evening to blog.

So, I come!