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Friday, November 15, 2013

Sleepy Frustrations

So I am beyond frustrated with this stupid BLOGGER!! I am not a computer person. Leave me alone with a computer and something awful is bound to happen with a few clicks of the keys.

So...trying to recode my HTML. Holy crap!

After hours of frustration, this is as good as it is going to get for now. I wanted to redesign all parts of the blog but have given up for now. I wish I knew how to do more. But I am lame and somewhat miss the days of AOL where I was a "G".

Anyway...let's talk about sleep regression...and teething...and how that means we are NOT SLEEPING!

I have read about it and heard about it but nothing has prepared me for the deprivation.

Max and Harper have been really great sleepers their whole life. Granted, I do not miss the days of newborn 3 hour stints. But they slept and went back to sleep fairly easily.

Flash forward to nearly a week ago...they were consistently sleeping 10-12 hours IN A ROW. This meant I had a good 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I love those little guys!

Still love them but we need to have a serious talk. A couple days ago they started waking up in the middle of the night. Mainly just Max. When we knew for sure that he was not going to be soothed...we woke up Harper too. (We still are afraid to get them off the same schedule. I am not in the mood for tempting fate. I have fears of being up all night because they are off.)

I know that their "regression" is not bad. I have heard horror stories. I am hoping that this new sleep plan doesn't get any worse. They still go down pretty smoothly. They are asleep by 7 on most normal nights. They have been getting up around 1. Then they want to be up for an hour or so and go back down until 7. I know! Why am I complaining?

Well...I got accustomed to a certain level of restfulness. And it isn't happening anymore. It is going to get worse. I know. We cannot be this lucky. Many mommies are experiencing newborn-like regression. So I will stop complaining (out loud).

Harper is still cutting those teefers. She has the tip of her two bottom front teeth showing. Max just has extremely white gums. Our amber teething necklaces work. No kidding. I don't know how and it seems odd to some people but they are magical beads! Daycare doesn't allow those wonder necklaces so we take them off while they are there. Amazingly their fussiness ceases within a half hour of getting the necklaces back on them. Now to just get Max's necklace exchanged. His clasp broke. Jeremy swears it was fine when he took it off this morning but it was broken when I got home. Hmm...not so magical!

We go to their four month appointment next Wednesday. We are also getting Harper's ears pierced at this doctor visit. Should be great for the whole sleeping thing, huh?

Sweet Dreams!