Saturday, November 29, 2014


This one is all about my Harps! In case you missed the post on her ornery brother, Max, here it is.

Harper is the sweet and sassy girl to a T. She is a girly girl who loves to sing and dance. She is often found sashaying around the house. (No, really. She doesn't walk...she struts. It's hilarious!) She smiles to get out of nearly everything. And because she is so stinkin' almost always works! Stinker! 

She is the free spirit. She will often sing and talk to herself. (I posted a video below.) Harper marches to the beat of her own drum. She flirts and talks to everyone she meets. She is not shy and doesn't know a stranger. If you feel slighted by her brother's standoffish personality, she makes up for it with hugs, snuggles and kisses. 

She is not a dare devil. But she is a talker. She talks up a storm. Harper can repeat anything we ask her to say. She may not know what she is saying yet but she can say it. However, we have been super impressed with her verbal communication. She knows most animals and animal sounds. She can name and point to main body parts (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, toes, feet, arm, hand, fingers, hair, belly button). She is getting pretty good at her colors too. I am amazed on how much she is learning. 

We were out Black Friday shopping (but much later in the day) and I told Harper that she was "so pretty". She said "Harper's pretty" as clear as anything. It cracked me up. 

We were waiting to see Max's doctor for his ears a couple weeks ago. There was a picture of a fish and she started making fish sounds. Then reading a book about an elephant, she acted out the elephant's trunk while trumpeting like one. I am in awe of our smart girl!

Some of Harper's favorite things:

  • Sitting on anyone's lap...she will just back herself up into your lap and plop down
  • Dancing to Disney Jr songs when they come on
  • Nonnie--her grandma
  • Saying animal sounds---her favorite is "Meow"
  • Coloring
  • Destroying paper
  • Pizza
  • Hot dogs
  • Bath time
  • Putting her coat/jacket on---but don't try to take it off. Geez!
  • Uh-oh
  • Throwing food down for Bella
  • Throwing toys over the baby gates and into the kitchen
  • Running---all while twisting her hips as she does
  • Being chased--"Harper I am going to get you" sends her into a giggling fit
  • Painting
  • Brushing her teeth
  • Playing bubble pop on the tablet
  • Her Minnie Mouse doll--she says "Meeennnneeeee"
  • Waking up in the morning---she is always her happiest
  • Putting shoes on
  • Reading books---to herself or getting read to
  • Wheels on the Bus
  • Looking at picture albums
  • Cheez Its
  • Cookies---anything sweet. She has a sweet tooth and loves it all!
  • Taking her socks off and losing them around the house
  • Pigtails (She looks adorable!)
  • Being wrapped up in her bath towel
  • Wearing scarfs or even blankets around her head
  • Carrying her purse around
  • Hugging her brother
This girl loves everything so it was hard to think of things she DOES NOT like. 

Harper is a good little eater. The only thing she now won't touch is bananas and she used to love them. She can put away meatballs and spaghetti like it is her job. She is smaller than Max by height and weight. 

She is also teething again and those top molars are no fun. She handles it better than her brother but she is definitely uncomfortable. 

Harper's hair is growing like crazy. She won't leave barrettes in so we usually have wild and crazy hair or in ponytails. 

Girl loves her accessories!

Loving on her brother



Friday, November 28, 2014

Game 7

I know that I posted about our excitement of the World Series last month. Then I never shared my time at the World Series!!!!

Oh, yeah. That time I went to Game 7 of the World Series!

Where MY team was playing.

Even though my Royals lost Game 7. It was an amazing experience that I got to experience with my husband.

My husband happened to tweet about the Series. And then like magic (or luck) Mastercard messaged him about #pricelessmoments and we won Game 7 World Series tickets.

It. Was. Amazing!!!!!!!!



There is just too much to possibly update. I felt like if I was forced to give each baby kid their own post, I would focus on showcasing who they really are and what they have been up to.

So...up first by birth order (11 minutes that I am sure he will hold over his sister's head at some point)...Max!

Maxwell is a rough and tumble boy for sure! He climbs. Stairs, couch, coffee table, TV stand, crib, toys, baby gate, people...anything is fair game. He will literally stack things upon things just to climb them. This has presented quite a challenge to our baby proofing. We contemplated getting rid of all furniture in our living room at one point. He was standing on top of the end table hanging from our living room curtains. I was literally looking away for 60 seconds. That's all it took for him. He thought it was the best time of his life.

That's another thing...his giggle is the cutest. More than his giggle, though, are his facial expressions. His face tells it all. When he is doing something he shouldn't, his face is mischevious. My favorite Max face is when he is confused or asking if something is hot. Gosh it melts me everytime!

Max also is the best at giving kisses. His sweet pucker makes every friend or family member giddy. This is because Max is a picky guy. He takes awhile to warm up to people. He may hide his head in our legs for the first few minutes. Then, he will sternly tell people "no" if they even remotely look like they are interested in talking to him. (This is usually accompanied with him swatting hands or even air away.)

He is emotional. He is sensitive. He loves his mommy. (And I love that!)

Some of Max's favorite things:

  • Books--the boy will sit in your lap and read for hours
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider--he loves the hand motions
  • Saying "Don't touch" to anything and everything he knows he should not touch. But he says this while touching the said item
  • Climbing--see above
  • Grampa--he is obsessed with my dad
  • Bella--or any dog but especially HIS "Dog-dog"
  • Coloring
  • Playing outside
  • Saying his name "Maxxxxxxx"
  • Destroying paper
  • His belly button
  • His sister's belly button
  • His mom's belly button
  • Ok...belly buttons
  • Pizza
  • Hot dogs
  • Bath time
  • Putting his coat/jacket on
  • Uh-oh
  • Throwing anything and everything
  • Naming his body parts
  • Meow
  • Biting his sister whenever she ticks him off (getting better but still does it!)
  • Running
  • Being chased
  • Lights
  • Painting
  • Giving night-night kisses
  • Playing bubble pop on the tablet
  • Building blocks
  • His paci---yep he is still hooked on this thing but only at nap times, bed time, or in the car. Will he ever give it up??
  • Putting shoes on
  • Cleaning up--he loves to put toys and books back where they go
  • Following commands--he loves when we give him a job "Take this to Dad" or "Throw this away" "Put your clothes in the hamper"
  • Wheels on the Bus
  • Cars
  • Maw maw and Paw paw's cat

I am sure there are many other things in Max's list of favorites. 

Max and Harper both had their tubes placed in July. Harper has had no issues. But poor Maxy has struggled with ear infections still. We finally just had to take him into see the ENT again. They sucked out his ears with a vacuum thing. They also placed a small ear wick. He is nearing the end of his 14 days of ear drops. Then, we take him back in on Wednesday to get the wick removed. I am hoping this makes it all better for the little man. 

Max is still taller and bigger than his sister. However, I don't know exact information and probably won't until our next appointment in January. 

He is teething again. His top molars are coming in. Poor little man has been miserable the last couple days. I think we are on the tail end of this round...hopefully!

Max is up to three haircuts now. He even had his "Uncle" Toby cut his hair at a real barber shop. Max broke his Aunt Carrie's heart but Dad wanted to take his boy to the barber. Toby is married to one of my long time best friends. He did great!

Not a fan of timeout??

Head first down the slide!

I just love my boy! He brings so many laughs to our family. 

Now...for me to get Harper's post ready! (She is pretty special too!)


Family Photos

We got our family pictures done last weekend.

Our photographer was the same photographer who photographed our wedding. He is so talented at what he does. I was impressed with how he managed to not only capture Max and Harper...but how he captured their personalities. They didn't make it easy on him. They were really active. However, I am in love with the pictures of my babies...who really don't look like babies anymore.

Love these two!

My favorite!


Happy Halloween??

Better late than never, right?!

I can't believe I haven't updated the blog in this long. So I am expecting to make a few posts over the weekend...we shall see if I am successful.

Happy Halloween (nearly one month later)!

Harper was the sweetest Lil' Red Riding Hood and of course, Max, was the (not so) Big (not so) Bad Wolf. They definitely liked Halloween this year. I bet next year they are really into it! They are getting so big!

We went to a party at their school. They ate way too many cookies. Then, we met my family at my sister's house so they could see their cute costumes. And finally, made a trip to my in-laws to finish out the night.

Ready for our 2nd Halloween!!

Sweet boy

Sweet girl

Practicing his growl??



Catching a ride on my cousin's shoulders

Hanging with our cousin


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weights, Royals, and Scratches

Max and Harper are 15 months old! We are close to saying they are 1 and a half. A HALF! They turned 15 months on the 11th but for some reason their age sinks in when we make a visit to the doctor. We had their 15 month appointment today. They only got one shot this time. Woo-hoo!

Dr. C was impressed by them. They are meeting their milestones way ahead of schedule and are growing right on pace with what they expect. They are just normal toddlers. We are even experiencing temper tantrums. Bad! Max throws himself on the ground and kicks, thrashes, and rolls around on the ground all while screaming in this ear-shattering high pitch squeal. It. Is. Awful. Sometimes it is hard not to laugh. He just looks so pathetic. It is mostly caused by not getting what he wants when he wants it. (He has a really tough life.) For now, we are just ignoring the tantrums in hopes they go away. After a few minutes, he will pick himself up and then act like nothing has happened. He will go back to playing, talking, and smiling. Such a little weirdo.

Max weighed 22.25 pounds and was 30.5 inches long. It put him in the 30% range. His head circumference was, of course, in the 78%! Harper weighed 21.81 pounds and was 29.25 inches. It puts her in the 24% range. Her head was in the 50%.

They really are changing so much. They are losing baby weight and looking like kids.

We live in Kansas City and it is such an exciting time for our city. My husband and I have been huge Royals fans for our entire lives. When we met, we instantly bonded over our love for our Kansas City sports teams. We have been to many games and are so excited to FINALLY see our team in the World Series. I was 2 the last time they won the World Series! Max and Harper are destined to be Royals fans (and Chiefs fans). They don't have a choice.

Also, remember me telling about Harper's scratch she got at daycare? (HERE) Well, the doctor thinks that this is going to be a permanent scar for Harps. I am so sad for her. It is on her face. I understand that a scar on her knee from falling or a scar on her finger. But her face! He said it will lighten and fade some but it looks like she will always have it. We are using Mederma for kids. Any other ideas of what we can use? She is still as cute as can be. I know it could have been worse, but it just makes me so angry that she will always have this. I hate to blame our daycare or the daycare worker. But I find myself doing just that. I think it makes me feel guilty that it could have been prevented if I didn't work...they wouldn't be at daycare. I know I need to let it go but it makes me feel so bad.

You can see the scratch of her right cheek in the above Royals photos and here is a closer one from last weekend.

More "non-update-like" posts are floating in my mind. Still just clearing it out so I can really focus on writing again.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pumpkins, Apples, and F-A-L-L!

I have some posts rattling around in my head. I need to clear them out. So this one is going to just be a picture post. We went to Cider Hill Apple Orchard last Saturday with friends. It was such a fun time. The babies wandered around the orchard, picked apples, threw apples, ate apples, ate apple doughnuts, and found the perfect pumpkin. I just love fall and last weekend was the perfect fall day.

They are no longer babies. They are kids. Like real kids!

I will write the "real" posts soon...