Sunday, February 22, 2015

I've Become a Blog Spectator

I am not sure how this happened, but I know why.

I was an avid blog postER and now I am just a blog readER.

I hate that. But I am reading (although I do "binge reads" on two weeks of blogs). I miss actually writing and am hoping to get caught up on my spring break. I have posts in my head but no time to write. Hence, why this explanation post is short and succinct.

My life is a great big ball of stress, life, work, babies, stress, work, not babies-toddlers, work, stress, and oh did I mention work??

So...I work as a middle school teacher by day. I am teaching not one, but two, college courses this semester. Oh, and the college I am teaching at had me take a course this semester that is A LOT of work! Luckily, I just turned in my mediocre final project. Like, 3 minutes ago...

So, when I come home from work at the middle school, I play with babies, cook dinner, have chit chat with the husband. Put babies to bed, and then work on the college course or grade the college work. Oh and grade the 110 middle school essays and work that piles up.

Then, I sleep. A little bit. But sleep.

So, no time to write. Or if I have time to write, my energy is zilch and I wind up reading your posts.

Before I leave you until sometime in are the people that you want to see. The loves of my life that keep me working and going. It is all for them!