Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why Can't We All Get Along?

Most of "us" (the readers of this blog) are coming from the land of infertility. I think living with, or living through this awful disease changes our psyche. Not that it make us more compassionate, but I do believe it makes us not take anything for granted.

Infertiles are used to supporting each other; not tearing each other down. Maybe that is why I am so appalled at the actions of some other women. 

Since becoming a mother and living "on the other side of the track," I have begun to realize the true Mommy War that goes on. 

Yes, I chose to feed my babies formula from day one. I know, I am a horrible and selfish person for not wanting to give my babies the best nutrients from breastfeeding. I am a monster. 

Yes, I work. I leave my babies for 8 hours a day with strangers at a daycare center. They are around other people besides family for most of their awake time during the week. I am a monster.

Yes, I vaccinate my babies. I let nurses plunge syringes filled with the evil health care companies' concoction to save my babies from future diseases. I am a monster.

Yes, I use disposable diapers and disposable wipes. I load the landfills with Pampers and Luvs. I am a monster. 

Yes, I pierced my daughter's ears. At. The. Doctor's. Office. I let the nurse permanently alter my daughter's ears because she would have most likely felt the pain at six years old when she would eventually want it done. She looks adorable and she didn't even cry. But I am a monster. 

Yes, I give my babies packaged baby food. I don't steam, mash and make my own baby food. Heck, I have the audacity to not even buy "Organic." They seem to be just fine with the good old Gerber but, again, I am the monster. 

Yes, I had a medicated birth; it was awesome. After that epidural, I was in heaven giving birth to my son; too bad I still missed my daughter's birth for having to be put under. My poor children have a monster of a mom!

We all do choose, or will choose to raise our children in our own way -- a way we choose is best for our precious babes. It doesn't make another's choice wrong. And it doesn't make another mother out to be a monster. 

Why do women feel the need to judge others' choices in motherhood? It used to bug me. Now, I simply block out those other mom's ideas about my choices. My babies are happy and healthy. They love; they laugh; they are growing; and they are MINE. 

I wish that the mothering community took a page out of the infertility book. Support is what is needed, not judgement of who does what best. 

I loved this link that a mother group created. A Mother Group that gets it. 

You are all amazing no matter who says otherwise!!!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Half a year old! What?!

Max and Harper are half a year old. It is so true when people say you blink and they are grown.

The last six months have disappeared and they are growing like weeds.

Max: He has been sick with ear infections. He was on one round of antibiotics but it didn't work and now we are on our second round. So...he has lost some weight. At the doctor yesterday, he weighed 15 pounds, 9 ounces. He wears size 3 diapers and 3-6 month or 6 month clothing. He drools like crazy. He loves his jumper. He can pull himself up to standing and loves to stand at the activity table. He laughs and giggles like crazy (see video below!) Max loves our dog, Bella. He pulls her ears and grabs her nose. He just wants her all the time. He will shout at her to come to him...she isn't so sure about it yet. He is an awesome eater of green beans and pears. He really isn't a fan of bananas. He can't sit still enough to sit up. He can for a brief time but then wants to start his backwards "crawl" to get some place with new toys and surroundings. He is seriously going to be into EVERYTHING very soon.

Harper: She has for the mean time outgrown her big brother. She has always been the little one. Not anymore! She weighed 16 pounds, 4 ounces...but that is just be weighing her at home so it may be off. She wears size 3 diapers and 3-6 month or 6 month clothing. She loves to sit up. She can actually sit up and play for quite awhile. She also backwards scoots but prefers to play on her tummy or sit up instead of moving around so much. Harper is obsessed with her feet. Seriously...the girl has never seen things so amazing in her life. She loves carrots! She will turn her nose up to pretty much anything else although green beans she seems indifferent to. She loves her brother so much! She wants to grab him, poke him, eat him, etc. I love to hear them talk to each other. It is by far the cutest thing ever.

We don't have our 6 month shot appointment until February 4. They will nearly be 7 months old but with Max's illnesses and scheduling issues...we have to wait a bit.

They seem to do something new everyday. It is amazing to watch them learn and grow. I can't believe how much they have learned.

I posted this video to my Facebook page last week. It is the cutest giggle ever, I swear. It will brighten even my darkest day.

Here are their six month pictures...we could hardly get them to stay still--let alone get a smile! We gave up.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Year in Review

2013 was a rollercoaster ride. It was one of those rollercoasters where you get off windblown and tossed with an upset stomach BUT you want to ride it again and again. The truth is that if 2013 ended the same way each time, I would relive it over and over again.

I haven't been able to say this about many years in the past.

We started 2013 with two little peanuts that resembled alien babies in my tummy.

I loved the feeling of being pregnant (for the most part). When I saw my belly getting bigger and bigger, I knew they were healthy.

In January, two of my favorite people got sick. Jeremy's grandparents were two of our biggest cheerleaders and prayer givers. We lost Grandma in March. Harper's middle name is after her. Then, in May, Grandpa passed away. We all miss them terribly. I am so sad that Max and Harper will not know how loving, kind, and amazing they were. I wasn't even "their" grandchild but I always felt like it.

We had to get the nursery ready. We decided to DIY. Fun times!

In May, my eldest niece got married! I know what you are thinking...there is no way I look old enough to have a niece that is 21! The 3 hour car ride being THAT pregnant wasn't comfortable or fun. We had to stop quite a bit to walk and stretch my swollen legs and ankles. I was a walking spectacle at this point too. I looked 9 months pregnant even though I had a ways to go.

I had amazing baby showers with amazing people!

School ended May 31 and I worked all the way till the end. At the beginning of pregnancy, the doctors talked like I would be on bedrest before the end of the year.

June 5 scared the crap out of me. I went to my normal doctor's appointment at 31 weeks. I had been having contractions throughout the day but thought it was just the notorious Braxton Hicks. Nope! I was in pre-term labor. They started me on Magnesium (Mag-Bag) and transported me to a hospital with a Level 4 NICU. The next three nights we spent in the hospital. The mag bag was awful and made me feel like a zombie. (Assuming I know how zombies feel.)

Thus the summer of bedrest started. Bedrest was difficult. I know, you should love being off your feet and everyone else doing things for you...but it wasn't all that fun after, say, the first hour! Finishing baby registry shopping was downright humiliating thanks to the good ol' Target scooter.

And then...we waited. No babies. I grew larger and more uncomfortable as the pregnancy droned on. I thought for sure I was going to be pregnant forever. I was still so grateful for the babies inside me but I wanted to meet them so bad! My mom felt it was important to document my largeness. I obviously did not feel the same way.
A week before they were born!
Then, the best day of 2013---JULY 11! Babies came as a surprise that morning but what a great day!

The day after we brought our bundles of joy home, we had to lose a member of our family. My baby, Lola, didn't like the babies much. We knew it would happen. She is jealous of me and doesn't like anyone or anything near me. Although it was the right choice, the sadness of having to find her a new home still haunts me. I loved her so much.

There was quite a baby boom around us too! Our church had 8 babies born in a matter of a couple months. AND Jeremy's family has had 7 babies in a year, including two sets of twins!

The rest of the year seems to be a blur. I went back to work and babies go to daycare. They have grown and their developmental milestones seem to be flying by. They are just growing too, too fast!

 My health is hopefully on the right track. I am getting help with thyroid issues even though any health scare is not fun.

We made some awesome friends, laughed, cried, prayed, rejoiced, sang (off key), danced, made memories, took pictures, and loved life.

In 2014, we are looking forward to watching Max and Harper grow and change (just hopefully the time creeps by instead of flying by like the last 6 months!).

My resolutions for 2014:
1. Thank God everyday, even when it has been a bad day. Don't just ask for things when I need them. Praise Him.
2. Find a different profession. I need a teaching break and more time at home.
3. Get healthy. Lose weight. Run more.
4. Love more. Find time to spend with Jeremy sans babies.
5. Socialize more. I love Mommy time but need Friend time too!

I pray you all have an amazing 2014. God has lots of amazing things planned for us all!