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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

All About Mama

I have fond memories of my 5 week postpartum post. It was this post that I was only 20 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. Ahhh...the memories!

Have you noticed there have been no more "anti-belly" posts since then? That was on purpose. Let me fill you in on "Mama" (Harper says that now by the way!).

I was cleared for exercise at my 6 week postpartum appointment. So, I started jogging/walking in the evenings when Jeremy would get home from work. I would do a 1-2 mile run on the weekends. I was trying to ease my way back into running after a 9 month break from it. It was going really well.

I was exercising and watching my portions. Man, I was going to be back to my size 6 jeans comfortably by Christmas! Ha! I went back to the doctor to get my Mirena placed. At the weigh-in...I had gained weight! What?! How was this possible? I was doing everything right.

October rolled around and I was back to work. Granted my workouts were shortened and eventually non-existent. I was exhausted. I attributed the fatigue to being a twin mommy with a full time job.

I started noticing that my pants I was able to wear in August, I couldn't fit in anymore. Thanksgiving break required a trip to get new work clothes to get me through until I could get more of this darn weight off.

In December, I was on the couch wrapping Christmas presents when Jeremy noticed that my neck was enlarged. If he notices must be true! (I could cut off my hair and dye it purple and he may not notice!) I immediately felt my neck and knew my thyroid was much bigger than normal. It felt like a golf ball.

Why did I know it was my thyroid? You see, I have seen a thyroid doctor since I was 22. My OB at the time noticed I had an enlarged neck. I was sent to see the ENT. It was discovered that I have a goiter from Hashimoto's Syndrome. I have had biopsies done and no cancer. I have had bloodwork done and no hormone issues. I have known about these issues for years. I had to have my levels monitored during pregnancy and again, no issues.

When I felt the giant golf ball in my neck, I called my ENT to get an appointment. Luckily, he could see me the morning of Christmas Eve. I got new bloodwork drawn. I always have normal levels but not so lucky this time!

My doctor said that I clearly have hypothyroidism. This means my thyroid is under active. It isn't producing enough hormones to regulate my metabolism. Apparently, even the most normal functioning thyroid can be thrown into a tailspin after a pregnancy. So no surprise that my already jacked up thyroid is struggling.

Here are some of the many symptoms of hypothyroidism. I pretty much have them all! I now have answers to these questions:
Why have I gained 45 pounds in 4 months? (Seriously, that's what I have gained!)
Why am I tired all the time? (The babies sleep for 10-11 hours so no blaming them.)
Why am I still losing hair by the handful? (Pregnancy hormones are done with.)
Why is my skin unable to be lotioned enough? (I go through gallons of Jergens.)
Why am I always so freaking cold? (I seriously could set our thermostat on 73 and still not be warm enough!)

I have felt so awful since really October. I haven't felt like myself. I am depressed that I am now a size 10!!! I am down on myself for not having the energy to do anything outside of being a walking zombie. I feel sad that I can't be the mother I want to be. 

Where do I go from here? Well, I see a specialist next Friday (Happy Valentine's Day to me!). I am hoping that I will have more answers after that visit. I am expecting to be on medications and well monitored. I am also assuming that I will eventually have my thyroid removed, like my mother. I will take thyroid medicine the rest of my life if it means that I have a chance of feeling normal. 

I haven't even felt well enough or confident enough to try and work out. I am hoping with the medicine that I will have the energy to get my body and mind back. 

So, Mama is hopefully going to get her groove back soon. Then, I can start posting anti-belly posts again!

The twins' 7 month update coming next week, too! Lots of changes and accomplishments! Here is a sneak peek at Max & Harper!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weight gain, hernias, and shots...Oh my!

Today was a happening day for me and the babies.

Max and Harper are 10 weeks old tomorrow!! They had their two month check up which included...the dreaded shots! (More on that later)

Max weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds 2 ounces, 21 inches long. It puts him in the 52% for weight and a sad 6% for length. He is my short, fat baby. Just love that chunky monkey!

Harper weighed in at 10 pounds, 14 ounces, 21.5 inches long. It puts her in the 44% for weight and 28% for length. She is just so dainty and petite compared to my Max. She is becoming more and more beautiful everyday.

Not only are they putting on am I!!! I kind of forgot that I am no longer pregnant where I can eat ice cream and cookies and it not matter. Oops! So I have put on around 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks. Yikes. I am going to get back on track as soon as I eat the rest of the cookies that my mom brought over today (thanks, Mom!).

I also got my IUD put in today. Dr. Abney and her nurse have bets that I am back in to have it out in a couple years because they think we will want more babies! (Not if Jeremy has anything to do with it!)

They had to get FOUR shots a piece. I literally cried at the sound of their cries. They had two nurses tag team them. They leaned against their little, chubby legs while they one after one plunged those needles into their thighs. Max was smiling about 10 seconds after the traumatic event but tender-hearted Harper wanted snuggles from me and her Nonnie. (My mom was able to come and help me because I worried about how I would console them both.)

It was a great report from the doctor except for one hiccup. Dr. C noticed that Max has a possible hernia. We have noticed that his "sack" was uneven. We go in for an ultrasound tomorrow at Children's Mercy. If it is indeed a hernia (which Dr. C is pretty positive about) then Max will need surgery around the 6 month mark. This was more disturbing than the shots! I just can't imagine my baby boy having to endure surgery. So I pray that it is just fluid but glad they are catching this now in case it is a hernia. When I told Jeremy about the hernia, he was so upset and concerned. We are both worried about our little man.

I will keep you all updated on the hernia situation. I also will post some family pictures from over the weekend sometime soon too. I am so glad that otherwise we have two very happy and healthy babies. Dr. C said they are VERY much advanced in developmental milestones. They smile, coo, track with eyes, and rolling from tummy to back. I am proud of my over achievers!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Loving the Life of a Twin Mommy

Max and Harper are doing amazing! We went to their two week check up last Thursday. I was so nervous about them gaining weight. Max was especially fussy with gas and wasn't eating as much as his sister. I was thrilled and somewhat shocked that they both exceeded their birth weight!

Maxwell weighed 6.10 at birth, leaving the hospital was 6.5, one week check up was 6.6. At the two week check up he weighed a whopping 7 pounds, 1 ounce! I look at him now and he has changed so much. He is getting a chunky middle and has his first roll on his thighs. He really looks like a full term baby. He is still looking a lot like Daddy but we are both seeing him change a lot. He doesn't look JUST like Jeremy anymore...more of a mixture. Thank goodness! You know, I had something to do with the creation of him as well!

Harper weighed 5.9 at birth, leaving the hospital was 5.7, one week check up was 5.8. At the two week check up she weighed 6 pounds, 5 ounces! Her sweet little cheekies have filled out and she has my chipmunk cheeks for sure. It is crazy but I just can't stop kissing that sweet face. She still can't fit into newborn clothes very well. They fall right off of her. Her features are so dainty and petite. She is definitely a DIVA!! She loves to keep Mommy and Daddy up from her last feeding before bed until the next feeding. It is usually from 10pm-1am. Then she is perfectly content going to bed. She doesn't just cry all the time. She wants to be held and snuggled and if we try to put her down before she is done snuggling...the diva comes out!

We are really loving being parents to these two! We can't imagine our lives without them. It is so weird how much they have changed us.
  • We forget to watch our DVR shows and we don't care.
  • We have forgotten dinner multiple times and around 10pm eat crackers for a meal.
  • We plan our weekend afternoons around the 3-4 hour span between feedings.
  • I have become a very protective Mama Bear when it comes to strangers looking at, touching, or asking about our babies. So weird, I know.
  • I carry Germ-X everywhere I go.
  • We both are consumed with spending time with them.
  •  I make up songs for each twin and sing them to them off key and don't care.
  • Showers aren't a priority.
  • Poop, pee, and boogers aren't really that gross on your hand.
  • We don't mind getting 5 hours of sleep instead of 8.
  • Make up isn't as important as it used to be.
  • Facebook? Who has the time?
  • I sometimes don't answer texts until hours later...not by choice.
I had gained 75 pounds with the 20+ pounds of fluid I gained in the last week. However, the fluid has pretty much gone down and the weight is coming off without too much effort. I have lost 50 pounds! I have 25 more pounds to go before I am back to pre-pregnancy weight. However, I will not have my pre-pregnancy body EVER again! I am okay with it. I earned these hundreds of stretchmarks and loose skin. As soon as I am cleared for exercise (probably not until after my 6 week post pardem appointment in 3 weeks!), I will start running again. I am hoping that I can lose the 25 pounds plus some fairly quickly. I just want to be back in my regular pants and shirts.

I am recovering from both deliveries well. I was cleared to drive and at my doctor's appointment, she said my C-section incision looks great. I am still sore around the incision but get around just fine. I try to take it easy when I have some soreness or pain. Dr. Driskell also felt like she needed to explain her reasoning for the emergency C-section while I was getting checked out. (Although now, it doesn't even matter to me!) She felt bad that I had to endure both deliveries but explained again how concerned she was for Harper when she went into distress. I assured her that I was happy that she was looking out for my babies' health and that's all that matters.

Here is a before picture from a few days before Max & Harper's arrival. I am wearing Jeremy's XL T-shirt from one of my races. Then there is the picture taken today at 18 days post delivery. I am wearing a size medium T-shirt from the same race. I still look pregnant but holy cow what a difference! I am afraid to go out in public without the twins because people may ask when I am due! I may start posting anti-belly pictures now. are some pictures of the babies too!!