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Monday, July 20, 2015

"The Kids" in Pictures

I didn't want to add all of these extra pictures to the birthday post. So, I will leave all of this here. If you are friends with me on Facebook, it is all repeats.

Watching Mr. Stinky Feet!

Don't they look thrilled?!

New trikes from Nonnie!

At the Dr for 2 year checkups

New GIANT addition to our backyard

I had no idea I bought trick candles! They tried blowing these things out MANY times. 

They do love each other!

But also march to the beat of their OWN drum

Happy 4th!

Our 1st Chuck E Cheese visit

Mamaw and Papaw's pool

Train ride

All of their birthday loot!

Their 1st Build a Bear visit. Holy crap those bears are expensive!
I always make a year in review video. This one tells the story of Max and Harper's 2nd year. I love it so much!

More to come....


1 Farm + Two special 2 year olds + Great friends and family + a HOT day = Max and Harper's Birthday Party

Long title? Check.
Late birthday post? Check.

Last Saturday my "babies" turned T-W-O! I am still shocked at how fast time is going. I am hopefully going to get individual update posts on each of them done today or tomorrow. For now, here is their birthday party post.

We did a farm themed birthday. I got their invitations from Justalittlesparkle on Etsy. They were adorable! She did great. She has lots of other amazing designs as well.

I also got their birthday outfits from different shops on Etsy. I ordered iron on decals of a cow and pig for their shirts from Scrapendipity Designs. I ordered Harper's skirt from Giggles And Grins Again and they customized the bandana skirt for me and even threw in a hairbow for free. She was delightful. I have never really had bad dealings with Etsy.

We had their party on their actual birthday. It was SO unbelievably hot and humid. But we all had a good time. There is this fantastic children's farm in a suburb of Kansas City on the Kansas side. Deanna Rose Farmstead is a fantastic place to visit, which we love doing, but an even greater place for a birthday party. They have a lot of different animals, activities, and luckily shaded birthday corrals and misters.

Each kid could do some of the activities like feeding bottles to goats, riding ponies, mining for gold, fishing, wagon rides, and hand feeding many other animals.

When everyone arrived at our "Pig Pen", we gave them tickets to activities and a map of the place. We asked all party guests to meet us back at the Pen for birthday cupcakes and gifts.

It was also great to have a way to lock in my crazy kids. 
As far as decorations went, I bought them! I made some last year and just didn't want to waste the time doing it this year. So, thanks to Hobby Lobby for the banner, table cloths, and bandana cupcake wrappers!

I did, however, make their cupcakes. I am not the decorating kind. I love baking. As an artist of any kind, I suck. Awhile back when I decided on the farm theme, I was searching Pinterest while sitting in my dad's hospital room. I found this picture of farm animal cupcakes and thought "Heck, I can do that." My dad agreed. So, I set out to make these cupcakes. Jeremy kept wondering if we would be able to do one of those Pinterest fail pictures. But they didn't turn out bad. Now, after being in the hot heat, some of them were melting...but they were still pretty darn cute!

My inspiration in the center. My creations around. 

My mom loaned me a few of Dad's bandanas to serve as decoration.
I loved that Dad was a part of the celebration. 

Max and Harper were troopers. No breakdowns from being tired and missing a good nap. I don't know why I insist that birthday parties be right in their nap time. Next year, I will be smarter. They loved seeing the animals and playing with friends.

Max loves feeding the goats, Harper prefers to feed them outside the fence. 

One of my favorite things was seeing Max and Harper hand deliver their favor "barns" to their friends. I got the favor boxes from Oriental Trading Co. I also got the farm animal stickers and suckers from there as well. I got the farm animal figurines from Target, as well as the snacks. I made the rice krispie treat haybales. They turned out really cute. 

Overall, it was a great day. I can't believe these two precious kids are TWO. They are just the absolute best. I can't wait to gush on them more in later posts.