TTC Timeline

August 30, 2008: We got hitched!

June 1, 2009: We went off of birth control that I was on for 6 years.

June 26, 2009: We actively started trying to start our family naturally.

May 2010: We knew something was wrong so my OB ran a bunch of tests. All came back fine. No PCOS. Regular periods. Regular ovulation.

June 2010: Jeremy had tests run. All fine. He had high counts and motility.

August 2010: I had HSG performed. Worst pain EVER! I had a slight blockage on right side but everything looked great.

September 2010: Started 50mg of Clomid

November 2010: 100mg of Clomid

January 2011: Chemical pregnancy, referred to RE

March 2011: Met with Dr. Kim, our RE. He suggests no more Clomid and to start IUI

June 2011: IUI using Letrozole, Follistim, Ovidril. 1st BETA 11. Chemical pregnancy.

July 2011: Decided to take a break and try naturally using OPK.

October 2011: Chemical pregnancy (again) but at least we were getting pregnant.

January 2012: Decided to start blog!! Yay! Best decision ever.

April 2012: Decided to do IVF after attending infertility conference

May 2012: Started birth control, water sono and all the other prep for IVF. We used ARC to help finance this endeavor.

June 2012: Used Follistim, Menopur. I responded poorly at first. They lowered our IVF to IUI then we went back three days later and they put the IVF back on. But that night I ovulated naturally which eventually cancelled the cycle entirely. A few days later, I developed moderate OHSS. It was horrible. I was even in the hospital for a bit.

July 2012: OHSS went away when period showed up. Now to relax and not think about infertility.

Fall 2012: We went back and forth between adoption and trying again in the spring of 2013. But I couldn't sit still long enough. I kept wondering if we should try IUI a last time before we moved on.

November 2012: We started meds for IUI. Letrozole, Gonal F. I responded extremely well only to ovulate naturally on CD 10. We moved IUI up a day and decided not to use Ovidril because of my bout with OHSS with IVF. November 11, 2012 was our IUI date.

November 20: I started spotting and light cramping. Thinking it was over again, we scheduled a CD 3 scan to do it again. November 23, we found out I hadn't started my period because of my thick lining so they ran more tests.
             1st Beta: 45
             2nd Beta: 351 (doubling time 22 hours)
             3rd Beta: 943 (doubling time 24 hours)
December 2012: We went for our first ultrasound at 6w3d and saw TWO babies! TWO strong heartbeats!! We were shocked. We were released from RE on 12/28 at 8w5d. Still so hard to believe it is really happening. So blessed!


  1. I have several boxes of gonal f if you ladies need any. I am going back to clomid.

  2. Has anyone heard of a Uterus Massage? & has anyone had any luck?

  3. Congrats on your pregnancy.. was searching for blogs to find encouragements and hopes till I came across yours. You have described every feelings that I have inside me. I am trying to keep an open mind and be positive. Hope that it does come true for me someday.

    Wishing you a smooth delivery! :)

  4. I was searching for a blog that could give me hope, I have PCOS and hubby is perfect. I know its going to be tough going through this process now of IUI but seeing your story gives a great boost to my confidence. I"m so happy for you.


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